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American Made UV Lamps

American Made Germicidal UV Lamps are best!

    Our American Made UV Lamps offer the following benefits:

  • Internal glass coating to reduce solarization; this prevents a quick drop in uv depreciation and uv lamp effectiveness.
  • Low reject rate (failure within the first 200 hours of use).
  • Consistent gas pressure, to ensure proper lamp starting and reliable uv output.
  • Low impurity content in lamp. Less than ideal manufacturing conditions can introduce impurities and will affect the uv lamp’s life span and uv output.

  • Note: Poor/Reduced UV Output means the water will not be properly sterilized.

    Note: QualityUVLamps.com strives to offer the highest-quality products available! Which is why, in most cases, we only recommend Germicidal UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeves that are made in the USA. You will see an "American Made" icon on the pages that contain American products. There are however some cases where American Made UV Lamps are not available for specific UV Sterilizers or UV Clarifiers. These product pages will not display the American Made Icon.

Replacement UV Lamps by Market:
Residential Drinking Water | Industrial Waste Water Treatment | Residential Pond & Aquarium

Replacement Lamps by Manufacturer:
Trojan UV MAX | Wedeco Aquada UV | Trojan 3000 & UV Logic | Wedeco TAK-55
Aquanetics | Aqua Ultraviolet | Emperor Aquatics | Gamma Current USA | Pondmaster Danner Supreme
Rainbow Lifegard Pentair | EAI for Savio | Tetra | Vorton Hozelock Cyprio

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